3ivx MPEG-4

3ivx MPEG-4

3ivX MPEG-4 is a multi-platform MPEG-4 compression suite
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3ivX MPEG-4 is a multi-platform MPEG-4 compression suite. By using this program, you will be able to author an playback MPEG-4 media (audio and video) under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This codec can be configured through the 3ivX Config entry in the Program's Menu. The Audio Decoder is able to decode Multichannel MPEG-4 AAC and HE-ACC encoded audio. You can set the program to downmix multi-channel audio. The Audio Encoder allows to use the Average Bit Rate (ABR) or Variable Bit Rate (VBR) options, and set the values to use in each case, as well as the Frequency cutoff, should you use it. In the Media Muxer you can configure the settings of the Media Muxing, as well as the Pixel Aspect Ratio Modification. You will also be able to define chapters in your video file. The Media Splitter is able to split .MOV and .MP4 media files into separate audio and video streams, able to be decoded by the Audio and Video Decoders. The Video Decoder option in the Configurator allows you to configure the video filters, hardware acceleration and direct show priority. You can also set the Video Encoder's Basic and Advanced properties.

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